“From heart to goal, being congruent in sensing and in acting. I help you take up your own space, with the intent to be autonomous in who you are. This is what makes you so special and unique.”



You can approach me with coaching questions regarding

Sometimes it looks like you get stuck in a problem, situation or relation.
This can happen in your personal life or at work. Everybody knows these periods; your trusted strategy isn’t working at all and seems not to help you further. In situations like these, individual help is a beautiful instrument to get a transparent view in your patterns and to create new alternatives for your behavior.
I treat questions about your career and making choices for changes that happen in your system, private as also business.

Questions that for example appear are:
• I feel stressed & have burn-out complaints, how do I get more rest and come back in my strengths?
• I need help with my re-integration
• I find it hard to choose for myself and exceed my limits
• I need help to make a right & wise choice in the next step of my career
• I feel a lot of fidget and unsureness about….I long for some peace…
• I have the feeling I am not at the right place…
• I really want to make fewer concerns about what other people may think about me
• I would like to investigate the relation with my parents and my family of origin
• I need help to get over my pain and grief (of the past)

What’s again the reason that you do what you do in life? We might think that we need to have our focus on the future, but to come there it often helps to look back.

My approach

During the orientation session, it’s important for me to achieve your exact question. Therefore I ask you direct questions, where there’s space for you to ask them to me as well. It’s the Dutch mentality that you will feel mere with respect and caring for you and your mentality. This way helps me to get an image of you as a person, your patrons, and your goals. Together we will concretize your process.
After our acquaintance, I will make a resume and redirect with a concise description of your situation, my advice and the quantum of sessions to achieve your goals.

The duration of the sessions variates from 1 to 2 hours. A trajectory can, depending on your situation and goals, lead out of 6 till 10 sessions. I love to bring insights by asking you the precise questions and go beyond appearances. I create a customization, with the intent to let shine the authentic you. All that you tell me is confidential.

Certifications & Training

  • 3 years Post HBO Professional Communication (Educational Institution Phoenix)  
  • Transactional Analysis 
  • Systemic Work (Family & Team Constellations) 
  • NLP Practitioner 
  • Bodywork 
  • Personal Leadership
  • ICF PCC certification completion 2020 
  • Authentic coaching
  • Set Career courses, Aaltje Vincent 

”Laureen is good in listening and finding my exact problem. She is serene, thoroughly and with her attention really with me. Unique is that she stays herself, with beautiful humor and with pleasure. It can all be there and I think that is very beautiful!”


”Laureen is able to take distance and to reflect, which helps to receive insights. Also she listens very quiet while you might feel very strained, this helps enormous. She does meditating in a very nice way, not too floaty, that made it work so good for me. Also I found it very beautiful how she was able to know me in a few hours as a person.

”Many compliments 🙂 I found (find, 1 session to go) Laureen excellent in her work. She recognized the difficulties/ nice/ interesting points in me very fast and gave the right amount attention to this. During the sessions we talked about different subjects. Sometimes I got a new perspective and sometimes I got the affirmation of what I already might knew. Every week after a session I had a whole week to think about this and to reflect.”

”Laureen knows very well to make contact with my feelings and emotions. She listens very well to what I say and what my body tells, I really had the feeling that I was heard. Also, she is very good at making sharp analysis and is able to confront me in a very loving way when this is necessary.”

”Laureen has learned me really a lot. My goals were to process my grief about the loss of my father and to give attention to where it went wrong professionally. Both goals I accomplished. She has learned me to analyze situations and the difference between my actions and what I feel. Regard my mourning, she took me back to my past, we paid attention to the relationship with my father and were I was still angry about. This helped me a lot. And professionally she showed me I really exceed my limit. I went to work less and became more serene. Also she learned me how to control my reintroducing to put boundaries, communicate clearly and to stay close at myself. Fantastic!”

”My purpose was to give attention to my professional life, what I was searching for and from which things I receive energy. Eventually, we spoke about a lot more and Laureen has learned me in different ways to give more attention- and to think more about myself.”


”By listening attentively, asking questions and challenging to come out of my comfort zone, Laureen gave me insights which I actually already knew, but which I didn’t want to acknowledge. The end of this traject is for me the start of an adventure. I think there’s nothing Laureen could do better or different. It’s her way of asking and her belief in my strengths I arrived where I am right now. Her approach gave me beautiful insights. Off-course I rather would have solved more, a medicine which takes away all the problems, but that ain’t realistic, it’s now up to me!”

ways of coaching 

Next to the personal face-to-face coach sessions Laureen Veder offers:

  • Walking coaching
  • Skype-Facetime coaching
  • Coaching on the job
  • Constellations
  • Teamcoaching
  • CV- & LinkedIn check online
  • Jobcoaching
  • Incompany coaching (I come to the company)
  • Email coaching